BIO = Beautiful Inside & Out


BIO Collection is "Beautiful Inside and Out". We offer premium quality, organic and pure Argan Oil that naturally nourishes skin, softens hair and strengthens nails; while supporting a thriving community of Berber women in Morocco. 

The founder, Ilham Sifli, is a world traveler originally from Morocco.  She is an advocate for healthy and exciting lifestyles. Ilham launched BIO Collection in 2014 after being inspired by her personal experience with argan oil's extraordinary restorative properties as a skin treatment.

Ilham traveled to Morocco and met the family that supplies BIO Collection’s oil to ensure pure undiluted premium quality.  Our product is bottled in Houston, TX, in high-quality glass bottles to preserve the oil’s remarkable properties.

Community + Environment


Authenticity and sustainability are the core values of this brand.

Argan kernels are harvested and individually hand shelled by Moroccan women.  Our supplier has worked with public officials in Morocco to organize these women into cooperatives. Today, women's cooperatives are spread out across the southwestern region of Morocco. 

Argan oil has provided these women financial security and opportunities they have not had before.  They are able to contribute to their household income, have a voice in family decisions and support their children to pursue higher education.  The cooperatives often provide onsite schooling to help the women become literate.

The prosperity that has come from argan oil production had also driven successful national and international initiatives to preserve the argan forests.  The argan tree is now under UNESCO protection.

BIO Collection + You = Positive Impact


In the end, BIO Collection and You are having a positive impact on the lives of these women and the environment. That's something to smile about ;)   


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